The Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Equine Fatalities


The CEPEF4 (The Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Equine Fatalities 4) is starting now!

We, the CEPEF4 team, are a group of 5 Veterinary Specialists in Anaesthesia and Analgesia, with strong interests in horses, mortality and morbidities.

The CEPEF2 study still stands as the largest observational study of equine fatalities. Equine Anaesthesiology has evolved in the intervening 18 years, but fatalities still occur. This is why we strongly believe that an update is now appropriate. Click here to access the video by the main author of the CEPEF2 Mark Johnston.

The project was presented at the Spring Meeting 2020 of the AVA, which took place in Dublin. You can see a video of the presentation here. We have also published two letters in Equine Veterinary Journal and Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia to present the project. You can read them here.

We have created a digital, user-friendly questionnaire for use on a smartphone, tablet or laptop designed for collecting anaesthetic and horse-related data. The form and instructions for filling in it are in this link.

We thank the Kate Borer-Weir Memorial Fund of the Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists for supporting us in the initial phase of this study.

Do you need more information? If you want to join us, please, complete this form. These centres are already collaborating with CEPEF4!!

The project started on the 1st November 2020. We have collected in the first seven months more than 11,500 cases from 70 collaborating centres from all over the world!!